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Is Rome to Cinque Terre day trip a good idea?

Is Rome to Cinque Terre day trip a good idea?

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I had warned my sister and her friend that a Rome to Cinque Terre day trip meant getting up before the sun rises. After all, they had to be at the meeting point in Termini Station at 5.30am.

View of Manarola | Rome to Cinque Terre day trip |

They knew that but wasn’t fully aware of exactly how early of a start until the night before, when they had to set their alarm for 4.45am and made arrangements for a taxi to pick them up at 5.15am. They griped about this insanely early start and I heard a lot of regrets in their voice. In my mind, I wasn’t thankful I couldn’t join them due to my work schedule.

When they had made the decision to join the tour a few weeks prior, the first thing my husband asked was “Who’s taking them to the train station?”. He knew a day trip from Rome to the Cinque Terre would only be possible if they started extremely early. We’ve done our share of crazy day trips from Rome so we would know a thing or two about early starts.

They came back at 8pm in time for dinner, and we picked them up from Termini. Over dinner, I had asked them about the trip (see the video of the Instagram Story of the day below) and I’m sharing their experience.

Review of Rome to Cinque Terre Day Trip with Walks of Italy

How did it feel getting up at 4.30am?

Setting your alarm for 4.30am is not what you want to do on holiday. We’re usually not back before midnight. However, we got to the meeting point on time and were provided a care package, filled with a croissant, coffee, fruit, juice and water.

How many people were on the tour?

There were only 7 of us plus our guide, Andrea.

How was the train ride?

It was comfortable and easy. We had a few stops before we got to La Spezia and changed trains to the Manarola, our first stop in Cinque Terre. To be honest, having a guide with us made all the difference.

Manarola Train Station | Rome to Cinque Terre day trip |

We could easily have taken the train to La Spezia but we didn’t have to worry about where to change trains, the timing etc as all the logistics have been taken care of. We just relaxed and enjoyed the view, food and wine!

How about the boat ride? 

Due to the weather, they had to call off the boat ride, which we think we should have taken from Manarola to Vernazza. We were fine with that as it was easy to travel by train between the towns in the Cinque Terre.

Would you do this again in foresight?

Absolutely yes! And we highly recommend this Rome to Cinque Terre day trip.

Even though we had to start early, once we got to Manarola, we totally understood the reason for starting so early. The town was quiet but when we left, the crowds had just arrived. We were thankful that we got to enjoy Manarola while it was still tranquil.


We would have liked to have more time in Manarola. It’s the most charming of all the towns we visited. We were given ample time in Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare so, overall, the entire day didn’t feel too rushed.

Vernazza | Rome to Cinque Terre day trip |

Other thoughts

Although lunch is not included, we had foccacia and gelato tastings. When we got to Monterosso al Mare, Andrea gave us recommendations on places to eat. We were glad that we were given a brief guide on the Cinque Terre with places to eat and what to eat while there, along with some facts on the area.

We ordered typical dishes such as pesto, and if that wasn’t enough, after lunch, we went to try a few of the best fried street food that Andrea had mentioned. We weren’t disappointed.

Lunch at Monterosso al Mare | Rome to Cinque Terre day trip |

We also found a place to taste limoncino and the sweet dessert wine Sciacchetra’. And sciacchetra’ is divine. Then it was the climb to the Monastery, and the view was spectacular.

My thoughts

When I heard their positive feedback despite the early start, I even had thoughts about doing this day trip one day soon. There is plenty to do in Rome but if you have a day to spare to explore a different part of Italy, a Rome to Cinque Terre day trip is doable. Just keep in mind it’s a long day, but one you might find incredibly memorable.

View of Monterosso al Mare from above | Rome to Cinque Terre day trip |

Disclosure: The Cinque Terre from Rome Exclusive Day Trip by High Speed Train was provided to my sister and her friend by Walks of Italy. However, all my opinions are their own. Also some links in this article are affiliate links, meaning we get a small commission if you end up buying something from the links on this page. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and we really appreciate the support.

Cinque Terre from Rome Exclusive Day Trip by High Speed Train

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